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the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Official Trailer – “We March Together”

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Shark Attacks Mick Fanning at J-Bay Open

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Fantastic Four | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | 20th Century FOX


Suicide Squad - Comic-Con First Look [HD]

A Stroke Survivor's Tale – Clinically Dead

It was after a weekend in St. Augustine, Florida that Jim Olbrich had his too-close-for-comfort brush with death. That night a blood clot rushed into his brain and caused a major hemorrhagic stroke. A stroke that has left Jim walking like Frankenstein. Jim had driven the two hours back to his home in Orlando. Tired, he went to bed ... but, found he had trouble rolling over ... couldn't easily get into position for sleep. During the night, it felt as if a little girl's hand pulled him out of bed. Jim headed for the bathroom ... not yet aware that his left side was already losing control. He banged off the walls ... stumbled his way ... finally made it. Jim fell off the toilet ... lay on the floor for awhile. Next thing ... Jim was in a helicopter -- being whisked to the hospital. It happened that quick! And, it happened while he was sleeping. ~ Blood Pushing on the Brain ~ Later, in the ICU, Jim heard his skull crack ... a cracking sound on his right side. Then, his head started hurting. The on-duty nurse offered a simple solution, "Well ... I'll get you a couple Tylenol." But ... this wasn't a simple headache to be solved by a couple of pills. Soon, Jim was in a coma. In the operating room, his skull was opened ... blood was drained ... the pressure was released. But ... "My brain fell out!" When Jim woke up the next morning, "I got a gazillion staples in my head ... holding everything together." He'd also died. ~ Waking Up in the Morgue ~ Declared was declared dead and put in the morgue. A body bag was nearby and a nurse was putting a tag on Jim's big toe. Luckily for Jim, the rubber band tangled with the hair on his toe. When the nurse pulled it back ... she ripped out some of Jim's hair. He woke up! When Jim sat up and spoke ... the startled nurse ran for the door. Instead she ran headlong into the wall. Now ... Jim had to wait for her to come to. Finally, he was wheeled back to his room ... a lot nicer than spending a night in the morgue. "I would have spent the rest of my life looking at somebody else's feet." ~ What caused the stroke? ~ After years of being checked out constantly ... Jim feels the doctors are still guessing. His cardiologist believes it was an artery on the front of Jim's heart ... it exploded and blew off ... sending the deadly clot on its way to Jim's brain. The clot caused a "brain bleed" -- a destructive hemorrhagic stroke. Pressure from the pooling blood "crushed" Jim's brain. ~ Jim's Still Paralyzed ~ Now, three years later, how's Jim doing? "Not bad." Jim's not one to complain. His sense of humour is one thing that has gotten him through this ordeal. Sporting a carbon-fiber plate in his skull ... completely paralyzed on his left side ... suffering from constant headaches ... Jim chuckles at all his problems. "I walk like Frankenstein ... on a cane." Jim is still on therapy and hopes to one day "become more graceful." If Jim's doctor had been correct ... Jim wouldn't walk at all. But ... Jim is stubborn. He may not walk pretty ... but, with his persistence, he does walk. It is a source of relief to Jim ... he never lost his ability to talk. Also, his memory is still quite good ... barring a few blank spots. "They're a total mystery to me." They may be lingering in a small piece of brain ... in a jar. A piece of brain -- "The size of my small finger" -- is still sitting in a jar downtown. Jim hasn't been able to see it yet ... but he'd like to. "I want to see where my memory is." ~ Can Jim's paralysis be treated? ~ "That's forever!" Or, until more T-cell research is permitted. Jim needs that ... he's on everybody's list to volunteer. What Jim needs now is a new president ... someone who won't be against such research. Why is the current administration against T-cell research? "That's because they're healthy!" ~ How to Avoid a Stroke ~ Jim's advice? "Keep an eye on your cholesterol. Arteries clog up ... that's the problem." High levels of LDL cholesterol will lead to atherosclerosis. And, the poor dietary habits that create this problem also bring on high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. All put you at a high risk of heart attack and stroke. Take some time out today ... look at your diet. Could it be healthier? Start eating better, get some exercise, live a healthier, longer life. Jim doesn't want you to join him. He's quite content being the only one who walks like Frankenstein. If his story can keep you from suffering what he has suffered ... you'll put a bigger smile on his face.

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There's Someone in the House

I was sound asleep at 6: 30 in the morning, May 20, 2002, when I heard a voice in my right ear. The voice was calm and spoke clearly, "There's someone in the house." I immediately opened my eyes, and standing on my chest no more than 2 inches from my face, looking me directly in the eyes was my black Egyptian cat, Isis. My first response was to grab the remote control for the closed-circuit television for my house. Turning on the remote with my right hand, I reached with my left hand for my 38 revolver under the covers, as I balanced Isis on my chest. As the picture appeared on the monitor I saw a black man in my courtyard opening the gate to leave. My first thought was, "Thanks Celina (my caregiver) for not locking the gate!" I was able to follow his actions through the different cameras. He moved to the front door and bent down to view the packages the United Parcel Service man had left the night before. As soon as he bent his head, he was right next to the intercom speaker, I pushed the intercom button. "Can I help you?" I said loudly. The man took off running like a ghost was chasing him. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Isis was still on my chest looking me in the eyes. "Thank you, baby, for protecting us," I said with deep gratitude. Her green eyes acknowledged the thanks with a blink. I was shaken by the event, but I knew I had to get up to look around the house. I put Isis on the table next to the bed. Moving from the bedroom into the adjoining living room, I could see where the man had entered through one of the windows that Celina had not locked. The burglar had tried to steal the big screen TV that weighed 400 pounds. He was not able to move it more than a few inches from the built in entertainment center. He had tried to open the file cabinets, but had abandoned his attempt since they were locked. Had he come into the bedroom? How long had he been in the house? How much time had it taken for Isis to wake me up? I don't know; all I know is what Isis told me, " There's someone in the house." There was no sense in calling the police. They would never be able to find this person in Los Angeles, California. That evening my best friend Kerry came over to visit, since I had telephoned him about the burglary and Isis’ notifying me of the event. "I can't believe Isis spoke to me in perfect English. She's the reason I knew somebody was in the house." Isis had never liked Kerry; but she came prancing up to him as soon as he entered the door and started meowing. It was as though she was saying, with great pride, "You heard about what I did? Aren't I incredible? I saved my mother's life." Kerry picked her up. "I always thought you were just a stupid cat. I didn't know you were this intelligent. I have great respect for what you did." Isis stayed in his arms basking in the praise. From that date they had a close relationship. What a mystery Isis is to me. As I gaze into her green eyes, I can’t help but wonder how she came to be so insightful. "What do you know that I don’t know? What do you see that I can’t see? How were you able to communicate to me on that day?" I ask her silently. Her silence tells me that it is a mystery I must unravel.

The History Of Thanksgiving Day

Mankind has always celebrated the harvest with a feast and with fellowship. A bountiful harvest meant survival and many blessings to come. Ancient civilizations have documentation that indicate celebrations were held during the harvest season each year. The Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, and Chinese are just a few people we know who held a festival each season when the harvest was in. The first harvest festival celebrated in North America was in 1621. This is widely considered the first Thanksgiving. Native Americans were happy to share their bountiful harvest with the colonists because the Pilgrims showed their respect to the Native Americans by following the strict hunting and planting philosophies set forth by the local Tribes. By honoring the culture of the Native Americans, the Pilgrims gained their trust and their protection, ensuring the colonists' survival through the first harsh winters. This was indeed something to be thankful for! These early harvest celebrations in North America were not called Thanksgiving. Even though the Pilgrims harvest festival is thought of as the first Thanksgiving, in reality the term Thanksgiving was normally applied to a religious holiday. The term Thanksgiving Day was originally adopted by New York State as an annual event. President Abraham Lincoln declared a National Day of Thanksgiving and since then every president has given a Thanksgiving Day proclamation every year. President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed that Thanksgiving should be held each year on the third Thursday of November. Later, Congress passed a resolution that moved Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday of each November and that is when Thanksgiving is officially observed to this day. The early harvest celebrations did not include foods that we recognize as staples at a Thanksgiving feast today. It is entirely possible that wild game was served, including migrating duck, geese, and wild turkey. However, turkey did not hold the sacred place it holds today. It is also believed that seafood was a major component of the harvest celebration due to the colonist's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. There would have been seasonal vegetables and root crops on the table. Squash, potatoes, onions, and late season corn would have been on the menu. Side dishes which we are familiar with today would not have been a part of the feast. Cranberry sauce or relish, and green bean casseroles would not have been served in the early festivals. Also, desserts such as pies and cakes were most likely not included due to the lack of sugar. More likely you would find some late season berries as a dessert offering. As a matter of fact, because salt, sugar, and other spices were a rare commodity, the dishes found at the early harvest festivals would have been quite simple. The Thanksgiving meal we recognize today didn't happen overnight. It evolved over several hundred years. When shipping food became easier, our food supplies became more varied and plentiful. Readily available canned and frozen foods made side dishes like Green Bean Casserole a new standard. Modern conveniences like food processors, microwaves, and blenders have all changed the harvest table over time. Something as simple as the modern oven, refrigerator, and freezer helped to develop our "new traditional" favorite dishes through the years. But, even our traditional favorites can take a hit. During the sugar rationing of World War II, our much loved pumpkin pie was off the table for a time. Seems our table will continue to evolve. We have many reasons to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day - our friends and family, our easy access to food, and the modern conveniences that help us whip up that feast. Early Thanksgiving celebrations were held to rejoice in the gift of a bountiful harvest and the very survival of the colonists. Today, we gather to celebrate our own plentiful blessings and to express our thanks for another year with our loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Please Hear What I'm Not Saying

Up until – probably the last 5 years – I always tried to pretend like I was perfect. How are you Scott? I’m fine. Doing great. What’s happening? Just really busy. Doing this. Doing that. It’s all good. In short, I would try and hold everything I could from those around me in order to appear as if everything was perfect. I wouldn’t share parts of myself. I would try to keep it a secret. But over the last couple of years, I’ve decided that doesn’t serve me or anyone else. And that’s why, particularly over the last year or two, I’ve started to be more open. I’ve shared stories about my struggles at the beginning of my business. I’ve told stories about my experiences in cults… with gurus… about moving schools and suffering through bullying as a teenager. It’s stuff I would have never shared in the past. But you know what happens when you do stuff like this? I’ve found that people don’t rub it in your face… they actually begin to connect with the real you more. Why? Well, when I was at a very well respected recruitment firm in my early 20’s I think I shocked everyone (including myself) when as I was leaving as I read out the following poem: — Don’t be fooled by me. Don’t be fooled by the face I wear for I wear a mask, a thousand masks, masks that I’m afraid to take off, and none of them is me. Pretending is an art that’s second nature with me, but don’t be fooled, for God’s sake don’t be fooled. I give you the impression that I’m secure, that all is sunny and unruffled with me, within as well as without, that confidence is my name and coolness my game, that the water’s calm and I’m in command and that I need no one, but don’t believe me. My surface may seem smooth but my surface is my mask, ever-varying and ever-concealing. Beneath lies no complacence. Beneath lies confusion, and fear, and aloneness. But I hide this. I don’t want anybody to know it. I panic at the thought of my weakness exposed. That’s why I frantically create a mask to hide behind, a nonchalant sophisticated facade, to help me pretend, to shield me from the glance that knows. But such a glance is precisely my salvation, my only hope, and I know it. That is, if it’s followed by acceptance, if it’s followed by love. It’s the only thing that can liberate me from myself, from my own self-built prison walls, from the barriers I so painstakingly erect. It’s the only thing that will assure me of what I can’t assure myself, that I’m really worth something. But I don’t tell you this. I don’t dare to, I’m afraid to. I’m afraid your glance will not be followed by acceptance, will not be followed by love. I’m afraid you’ll think less of me, that you’ll laugh, and your laugh would kill me. I’m afraid that deep-down I’m nothing and that you will see this and reject me. So I play my game, my desperate pretending game, with a facade of assurance without and a trembling child within. So begins the glittering but empty parade of masks, and my life becomes a front. I idly chatter to you in the suave tones of surface talk. I tell you everything that’s really nothing, and nothing of what’s everything, of what’s crying within me. So when I’m going through my routine do not be fooled by what I’m saying. Please listen carefully and try to hear what I’m not saying, what I’d like to be able to say, what for survival I need to say, but what I can’t say. I don’t like hiding. I don’t like playing superficial phony games. I want to stop playing them.I want to be genuine and spontaneous and me but you’ve got to help me. You’ve got to hold out your hand even when that’s the last thing I seem to want. Only you can wipe away from my eyes the blank stare of the breathing dead. Only you can call me into aliveness. Each time you’re kind, and gentle, and encouraging, each time you try to understand because you really care, my heart begins to grow wings– very small wings, very feeble wings, but wings! With your power to touch me into feeling you can breathe life into me. I want you to know that. I want you to know how important you are to me, how you can be a creator–an honest-to-God creator–of the person that is me if you choose to. You alone can break down the wall behind which I tremble, you alone can remove my mask, you alone can release me from my shadow-world of panic, from my lonely prison, if you choose to. Please choose to. Do not pass me by. It will not be easy for you. A long conviction of worthlessness builds strong walls. The nearer you approach to me the blinder I may strike back. It’s irrational, but despite what the books say about man often I am irrational. I fight against the very thing I cry out for. But I am told that love is stronger than strong walls and in this lies my hope. Please try to beat down those walls with firm hands but with gentle hands for a child is very sensitive. Who am I, you may wonder? I am someone you know very well. For I am every man you meet and I am every woman you meet. — This poem is called “please hear what I’m not saying” and was actually written by Charles C. Finn in September of 1966. Personally, I think there’s something we can learn from it as human beings and as marketers. Remember, nobody is perfect. So when we try to pretend we are perfect we don’t endear ourselves to anyone. But when we start to break down the shackles, and quite simply be ourselves… warts and all… our friends, our family, and our customers respond to this warmly.

My Friend Informed This Story

Nowadays, lots of people are unclear with the actions that must be applied if undertaking a new developing task. Probably the most probably disregarded cost throughout a design or perhaps remodeling task can often be the charge for a rubbish to rent. Even though such charges may appear a bit trivial as opposed to price of the full development career, they ought to don't be overlooked. It's advocated in order to get rid of particles and also waste as quickly as possible mainly because there'll more than likely be considered a good deal of computer because you end your task. At this time there is going to be usually 3 kinds of canisters to rent: top weight along with rotate off of. Names of the dumpsters are generally an indication of the technique that is utilized to move and bare these people. For instance, having a front insert box, any truck carries a mechanism in which latches on the dumpster and lifts this in order to empty your waste. This kind of various pickup will be recognized to be a little more efficient seeing that it can carry much more waste to a garbage dump site. Alternatively, the roll off of dumpster basically links on the rear of a vehicle and it is next taken to the necessary waste removal location. Pickup trucks are only prepared involving having these kinds of pots One at the same time, which regularly brings regarding increased costs for your dumpster rental business. Our company offers different kinds along with measurements of dumpster suiting the personalized specifications. Spin away from pots offered at Utah : These kind of dumpsters are usually preferred inside the jobs in which rubbish fingertips is extremely massive similar to house renovation, development, green yard along with business waste. Different sizes of dumpsters offered by our own program location inside Ut tend to be 15 backyard, 16 garden, 20 lawn, 25 lawn and Forty five lawn. Trash dumpsters available at Ut : They're small dumpsters could be a finest in shape when the trash removal is little. Zero investing in the free space, Trash dumpsters in Directdumsterrental Utah can be quite a great solution with regard to regular removal requires selected projects similar to restaurant waste. Just about any waste at The state of utah , you can find that hauled right away from very economical charge, whether it is construction waste materials, lawn clear, commercial spend or common rubbish. Avoid getting trouble; we're below to manage it throughout very expert approach in very inexpensive price. Development projects : Managing all of us supplies a plus which not one of the other large trash removal companies in this area have: specific reliability. Developing jobs -- There exists no-one to be able to refute that whenever everything receives built, remodeled as well as bull dozed a great deal of waste materials can soonfollow. Differentiate yourself from routine by renting move away dumpsters throughout Charleston through people. Unlike other dumpster rental firms in this field many of us constantly produce by the due date and also our ideal track record can be used in order to confirm that. Business trash treatment * You can find merely a number of companies that don't need regular wasteremoval involving some sort and many these people can't also purpose correctly after they do not have the refuse waiting around being filled.

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Impress Your Friends with a Customized Birkin Bag

Hermes Birkin Purse. EspaƱol: El bolso modelo ...

The fact remains true that the handbags are one of the most essential accessories that can be found in every fashionable woman's wardrobe. Considering the fact that there are many well-known brands in handbags that have been catching the fancy of the stylish and trendy women keeping pace with the current trend, but the Hermes is undoubtedly the most legendary brand in the fashion world we know today. These handbags known by the name of Hermes have been on the most wanted list of those stylish women who are on the lookout for fashion accessories that have been manufactured with sheer quality and craftsmanship. Many women prefer a customized hand bag that make them stand out in the crowd. Have you any idea what a customize Hermes Birkin Bag is all about? If you hear someone initiating a conversation which is totally on handbags, that woman surely bring the name of Hermes on her lips. First off, she's the one who finds these bags exceptionally irresistible, and secondly, they are loaded with lots of sophistication, style and magnificence. These bags were named after the beautiful actress Jane Berkin. Back in 1981, on board the flight from from Paris to London, the chief executive of Hermes, Jean-Louis Dumas had a close encounter with the actress Jane Berkin when he was amazed having found her sitting next to him. The history of this incredible brand began way back in 1837 when it was founded by Thierry Hermes in the French capital of Paris. The brand Hermes has become one of the most famous brands all around the world that have been into the manufacturing of leather, lifestyle accessories, luxury goods, perfumes, and ready-to-wear clothing.  If we talk about the Hermes bags, these bags can be afforded by those who fall into the category of the rich and the famous. Even those who are not much into fashion would have probably heard of this renowned brand. If you know what Hermes is, then you would be familiar with Hermes Birkin and Kelly. These brands are the most costly handbags made by Hermes. Both bags have unique differences which largely depend on the size, color, leather type and considering other details as well. Hermes Birkin bags are considered the most sought after status symbol which can be bought by the richest of the rich and the ultimate fashion conscious people. These bags are available in multiple colors like white, orange, black, pink etc. If you are a trendy woman who's always looking for ways to create a fashion statement, you can go for a personalize hermes birkin bag. Want to impress your friends? What can be better than to get in touch with the bags manufacturer that can customize a Birkin bag for you? You would surely be dreaming about the bag which is owned by you and none of your friends has it. We do understand the fact that it's not be easy to be unique considering the times of high technology. The trends have been changing one after another at pace. Contact a manufacturer that can customize your Birkin bag making it a masterpiece. You can use the contact form on the website of the customized bags service provider and get your Birkin bags as per your preferences.

Increasing the Good Quality Experience of Smartphone by Mobile App Testing

English: It is a view of mbrace mobile application

The use of mobile, the specifically mobile phone is expanding at a fast lane. From watching television to searching the web, hearing music to even joining social networking sites, you just require a mobile to satisfy all these jobs. Now, you are free from activating your computer or laptop computer and obtain your tasks done. With an excellent net network, you can do everything you want or rather want to do, in your various other host devices. To make the gadget a lot more appropriate with guys, there are numerous promising applications offered and developed, exclusively for cellphone users. From scheduling your train tickets to buying for a taxi service, every little thing is not possible with a touch of your finger. Other than establishing the most effective mobile application for your usage, there are times when you have to check the applications, to know whether those are performing at an encouraging rate or not. Be it any type of application for the Android base or the iOS platform, the specialists is trained to check the favorable overview of the apps appropriately. Furthermore, there are some other application testing solutions, connected with Windows Phone. These could additionally be checked by the specialist group of designers, operating in app development technique and also market, for so many years now. There are various features, which are checked thoroughly while taking care of Mobile app testing services. There are some promising testers readily available, dealing with some real components. These are made use of by experts and also can aid you to aid in the mistakes and problems of the phone, you have actually decided on, and the application, associated with it. These are mostly tested for capability, security, gadgets and their single efficiency after downloading the applications, OS critical based application operating and even updating applications, from the old to the brand-new variation. With the help of this service, you could also check the performance and automation services of the applications, suggested for mobile customers. Advertisement Aside from examining the applications, used for cellphones, there are other additional services, which can be availed from these firms. In case, you have a brand-new application near your hand and wish to advertise it, these experts will assist you in doing the same. With their Mobile App promotion services, you could easily create a best base for your application as well as obtain as numerous profitable handle returns, as you have considered. The experts are going to examine the present worth of the applications and also will certainly find out more its usability. After recognizing every little thing concerning the applications, they are visiting present it, before a large range of customers. They make way for the very best promotional or branding strategies, which will certainly not just entice a few of your potential customers, yet will certainly require them to make an investment, for your apps. Not just your mobile applications, yet you can even advertise some of the applications, suggested for computer individuals. After examining as well as establishing the best app, you could conveniently get it advertised to the perfect team of folks. The sustaining group is always here; prepared to provide the best solutions, 24-HOUR in a day. Now if you want know about more info, so visit here:

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100 Years of Men’s Fashion in 3 Minutes ★

M9 Crash Victim's Dad: 'Tell Her To Wake Up!'

The father of a woman found injured alongside her dead boyfriend three days after a car crash which police apparently failed to investigate has said she is on life support. Officers are believed to have found Lamara Bell, 25, injured and driver John Yuill, 28, dead in the Renault Clio on Wednesday morning after it left the road near junction nine of the M9 near Stirling. Ms Bell, who has a nine-year-old daughter and a son aged five, is in a critical condition at a hospital in Glasgow. The couple were last seen with friends in Loch Earn in the early hours of Sunday. John Yuill and Lamara Bell missing A police photograph of the car the couple were in Police are now facing questions over the delay between the crash being reported on Sunday morning and their eventual arrival at the scene. Ms Bell's father, Ossie, who had earlier appealed for help in finding his missing daughter, said on Facebook on Wednesday: "Lamara was in a field for three days after the accident. She was on her way home. "Because of some nice guy that phoned it in and was ignored by the incident room the messages were never passed on. "Now my daughter is laying on life support. "All I can ask from everybody is help tonight … tell her to wake up! "Sorry as I write this I am crying my eyes out. Please make her wake up." Police missed crash for three days The scene of the accident One well-wisher told him: "Lamara is a strong, healthy young girl … she can fight this." Lamara's mother, Diane Bell, told Sky News she was "really angry, annoyed (and) disgusted" with police. "She could have died there," she said. Mrs Bell said Lamara is in an induced coma with a brain injury and she was not sure if she would survive. She said she also suffered a broken arm in the crash and was dehydrated when firefighters arrived to free her from the wreckage. When they asked how long she had been there, she apparently replied: "Half an hour." Mr Yuill's father, Gordon, told the Daily Record: "[The delayed police response] wouldn't have made any difference for John. His injuries were such that he died on impact. Police missed crash for three days An investigation has begun to find out why police took so long to respond "But I feel it may have made a difference for Lamara." Assistant Chief Constable Kate Thomson said officers had been alerted to reports of a car having gone off the road "late on Sunday morning" but did not investigate. She said: "For reasons currently being investigated, that report was not followed up at the time. "Officers have notified the families of this update. Our thoughts are with both families at this difficult time. "A full investigation is currently under way to establish the full circumstances of the incident." The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) said it was looking into what happened.

GOOSEBUMPS - Official Trailer (HD)